Becci & Nick & baby Frank's wedding & naming ceremony in Edinburgh, Scotland

For the wedding of Becci & Nick, we travel to Edinburgh Scotland. The story always starts for every couple before their wedding day and will continue thereafter but within this day holds all of the personal meaning of their past, present & future, as they continue along on their life’s journey together.

On this day, the story is all about Becci & Nick and their dear little baby Frank and those who gather with them, all an integral part to each other lives in witnessing these special moments and in a celebration of life itself.

The day started with Becci preparing in her room with baby Frank. I was very privileged to be given free rein to document all, so I could really get to the heart of every moment that happened. I’ve said it before and I will say it again. There is a deep beauty in reality. That is what this is. I was documenting not only a bride getting ready but a loving and tender connection of a mother and her baby.

We were joined by Becci’s wedding party & parents as they all got ready. Baby Frank wide eyed, the world for him at this time was in this room.

Mid-way through I went to see Nick the groom to be at their home getting ready with his best man. Starting the day in style with a damn good dram of whisky, from Nick I expected nothing less - a real whisky connoisseur. The water of life is much better in Scotland than it is in Evian. With some good laughs with his best man and a chill-out on the chesterfield - Nick was ready to go to meet Becci his bride.

I joined Becci again as final preparations took place and her mother & bridal party helping her with her dress.

The ceremony room now full of family and guests ready, the momentum of the day building to this, the sense that something really very special was about to take place.

A very striking & colourful ceremony room, full of anticipation. Nick at the front with his best man. The kids entered armed to the teeth with bubble guns, doing a great job of making sure every inch of the room and person was surrounded by bubbles.

Becci entered with her father to a very excited room, and as the path cleared through an aisle of spectral colours. Nick and Becci saw each other for the first time.

Every detail of their humanist wedding ceremony was personalised. Including a naming ceremony for their dear little baby Frank, who did a grand job in his batman outfit. Nick & Becci’s naming ceremony for Frank supported by their chosen people to be ‘gold’ parents to Frank which is a lovely touch.

Emotions of this ceremony ran high, I don’t know how everyone made it all the way through so elegantly, so personal, so real, so very beautiful.

We were blessed with some stunning weather in Edinburgh that day so headed out with Nick & Becci for some portraits. Baby Frank stayed in the loving care of family at that time in the warm. As in true Scottish character, there was certainly a nip in the air that would be a bit brisk for still a little batman. With Nick & Becci we had an explore in the outdoors and they shared some personal moments whilst I clicked away with the city of Edinburgh as the backdrop to this couples moments. We went back after to a lovely toasty library room for some portraits with little batman who had been skilfully entertaining guests with his repertoire of facial expressions.

The energy of this day seamlessly travelled throughout each and every moment. Following the wedding breakfast, the speeches. With heartfelt speeches by Nick the groom, the father & mother of the bride, Becci’s maid of honour & Nick’s best-man. All full of emotion, laughter and meaning. To re-address balance to the level of sentiment held in the room, the best-man’s speech in classic fashion bringing to the attention of a wider audience, Nick’s former amateur modelling days with photographic evidence heartily lapped up by all of the family and guests.

As night drew in everyone danced to the beat of a silent disco. Which makes perfect sense with a pair of headphones on and the music blasting. To take off the headphones, quite a different experience. A room of people wildly dancing and singing in an otherwise silent room is the funniest experience.

To see how much pleasure each and every person got from seeing each other enjoy themselves was infectious and truly wonderful.

Thank you to Becci, Nick & baby Frank (little batman) for entrusting me with these, some most precious moments and memories.

With special mention also to the following who played such important part in this very special day;

Candice the humanist ; Wedding celebrant

The Raeburn, Edinburgh

Briar Rose design

Natalie Mackenzie, Make-up

The Banjo Lounge Four

Silent Knights disco & DJ Silent Bob

Here are some highlights from Becci & Nick’s Edinburgh wedding & naming ceremony…