Lucy & Tshep's pre-wedding portraits in Manchester

For this shoot I travelled to Manchester to meet Lucy & Tshep. At the time of this post I am due to shoot their wedding in just over a weeks time in Dorset. Lucy contacted me about shooting her wedding and we put together a personalised plan for the day. One thing I do whenever possible is to meet my clients in person catch up before the wedding day.

We took the opportunity to meet up on their home turf in Manchester and as I always carry my camera on me, it made sense that we could talk and walk and get some portraits around the city.

I immediately warmed to Lucy & Tshep as they had said that for the wedding day that they like many young couples are slightly apprehensive about portraits - perfectly normal and a good selfless quality to have. I always aim to capture a couples relationship with each other and their personal connection. The best way to start this was in a place where they are familiar, so in Manchester they were my tour guides. After a quick coffee at Grindsmiths we went to explore the locks at Deansgate together.

I loved watching Lucy & Tshep together, stopping occasionally for just simple portraits, but capturing the in-between moments as well. We spoke most of the way but sometimes just out of range, I could watch them sharing personal moments, maybe sometimes aware of my camera, sometimes not, but regardless - I was able to see their closeness, it is natural - for pictures that is the best I could wish for as I know I am capturing something authentic.

Here are just a few images from that day…