Sally & Tim's wedding party in King's Cross, London

Tim & Sally are good friends of mine, so when they told me they were having a wedding party to celebrate their recent wedding it was only natural that I went along to take some pictures. Over the years as a personal project I’ve always had the plan to photograph all of my life-long friends weddings. This has spanned my entire 15 years as a wedding photographer, being there to photograph my friends at certain stages still confirms with me the importance of how much I enjoy photographing people and documenting their life events.

On this occasion I travelled to London Canal Museum in Kings Cross, London to join Tim & Sally and all of their friends who had come to celebrate.

The only brief was that it was to be a purely party event - which it was from the start. Live music from the band and a few playlists whilst everyone chatted, drank, laughed and danced. The night in hindsight I think may have been saved by a good supply of pizza to line everyones stomachs, the level of drunkeness in the room clearly measurable by how emotionally people danced to ‘Chaka-demus & Pliers’, with some dance moves that come to be known as ‘firsts’.

After the sophisticated soiree at the Canal Museum, we headed on to the private party at the Driver night-club in Kings Cross. As well as catching up with the friends I knew, I met some of Sally & Tims other friends & work mates and this was clearly all that mattered to Sally & Tim, for everyone they care about to enjoy themselves.

So dutifully obliging, everyone partied hard into the early hours, with very few casualties. Great party, great moments.

Congratulations to Sally & Tim!