Ladan and Kevin's wedding in Marrakech, Morocco

For the wedding of Ladan & Kevin, we journey into Marrakech in the height of summer. From first speaking with this lovely couple across the Atlantic in the U.S. it was clear to me the devotion & love they held for each each other and the depth of meaning their wedding was to have for them and their families. I thank them both for entrusting me with these, their most precious moments.

The wedding celebrations started on a Friday, meeting with Ladan & Kevin for the first time in person, to join them on an adventure deep into the heart of Marrakech with their family & closest friends. We journeyed through the streets of Morocco, arriving at Ryad El Fenn, a beautiful, traditional building. We all climbed the twisting staircase onto the rooftop, a clear sense of wonderment and excitement amongst the wedding party

The rooftops of Morocco, adorned in warm sunshine. Ladan & Kevin greeted their family & guests as cocktails were served up. All connecting in this quite magical place. As the sun dipped over the horizon, Ladan & Kevin lead their party downstairs into the walls of the Ryad for dinner & dancing by candlelight

As midnight approached, we departed from the Medina Ryad El Fenn, ready for the wedding ceremony of Ladan & Kevin the next day at La Mamounia in Marrakech.

On this, another stunningly beautiful day, the scene for Ladan & Kevin’s Persian wedding was set at La Mamounia. Whilst the bride & groom prepared in their respective quarters, the sofre aghd (Table of Wedding) was set up ready in the courtyard where the ceremony was to be held and the ceremonial tradition exchanged. Beyond the exquisite visual beauty and refinement in the details of the sofre aghd, is the representation and rich symbolism of this couples new life together. So just as there is tradition inherent, it was also unique to Ladan & Kevin as a couple and customised especially for their wedding ceremony.

As the ceremony time approached, I spent moments with both Ladan & Kevin separately making their final preparations. A time for collecting personal thoughts before making their vows.

Uniquely to me as a British photographer, I was blessed with having the new experience of capturing some very special moments of the bride and groom to-be prior to the ceremony where Ladan & Kevin met in the tiled courtyard in La Mamounia for some portraits. The scene and moments within this, can only really be described in pictures, such precious moments for them to share before going to their ceremony together hand in hand.

Within the ceremony courtyard, family & guests sat in a big circle surrounding the sofre aghd, ready to receive Ladan & Kevin. The moment was finally here, with a graceful entrance, the ceremony began.

Ladan & Kevin sat in place together, for their ceremony witnessed by their family & closest friends. There are many intricate details of the ceremony traditions which took place. One detail I shall mention is called the ‘Ayeneh’, which is a mirror placed within the sofre aghd. It faces the bride and groom as they are married in this tradional ceremony. This represents bringing light and brightness into the future for the married couple. We had spoken of this so it was really important that this could be captured as part of the ceremony. It was also important that, just as with the uniqueness of this ceremony, such details could be uniquely captured. So we created an artistic portrait together using the detail of the Ayeneh to frame the newly married couple, Ladan & Kevin.

From the ceremony, to the reception the magical atmosphere continued, the light followed us (or seemed to) as Ladan & Kevin celebrated in style, love and good wishes in abundance from all whom witnessed this their very special day.

As the sun once again dipped over the horizon, the candles flickered in the last of the warm summer light, they took to the dance floor for their first-dance as husband & wife. When the DJ announced “EVERYBODY JOIN THE BRIDE & GROOM ON THE DANCEFLOOR TO PARTY”…that is exactly what they did, all generations up and dancing into the night.

At the very centre. The newly-weds…

Ladan & Kevin.

Photography by: Will Wareham Photo &

David Pullum photography : 2nd shooter.

Special thanks to:

La Mamounia Marrakech : Wedding Venue. ‘the Marrakech magic makers’ : Wedding planner.

Mike Soltani (twitter) : DJ.

Gustavo Leone : Saxophone player.

Gregory Jouandon : Drummer.

Galia Lahav : Wedding dress.

Here are a selection of photos from Ladan & Kevins magical Marrakech wedding…