Photo by David Pullum.

Photo by David Pullum.

Hello, I’m Will. I’m dedicated to documenting each wedding day as a unique & personal story. Something that represents much more than just a collection of images with a wedding theme, rather memories with depth of meaning that are carried forward with you that make up your personal life story, which is why I specialise in capturing the real-life adventures of all of my couples through genuine documentary. The sense of anticipation, excitement and meaning, marked through the defining moments that shape our experiences and form our futures. People show affection and communicate in different ways, this is what my pictures capture.

Always striving to give you images that are natural, rather than made to look natural, because nothing will ever come close to a real experience. A window that you can look through to see your wedding day in real-time and to share your best memories. Life moves constantly and aside from our memories it is only photography that enables us to hold on to these moments passed that are so fleeting but so full of personal meaning.

Detail is really important in my work to preserve as much as possible, to serve rich & rewarding memories that stand the test of time. My interpretation of ‘detail’ is not only how people & places look but more importantly capturing how the moments feel. I capture peoples natural expressions the most, these are the images I get the strongest sense of being in the moment when observing and enjoy documenting, so I trust that this is a value shared and appreciated as much as I do.

Living in Dorset, I travel all over the UK to photograph all types of weddings and also shoot destination weddings worldwide.

Coverage for your wedding starts from £1250.